Handsome Hurricanes

Race:  Chaos Dwarf
Coach:  chgadd
Something dwelves in the mountains to the east. Slurring and beating sounds so strong that if you listen carefully, you´ll be hearing it all the way to the west. The hurricanes are waking up, prepering for the coming fights ...............
be aware, feel the fear......

Oh wait a minute.......
They have to comb the beard first.

But soon Handsome Hurricanes will come and groom all less handsome foes.


Handsome Hurricanes team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Dec. 14th, 2018
When will we defeat haflings????
So that´s it then!
A team cripled by a wizard in the early stages of the Final made it hard to defend. But in some strange way we got the ball back and could score. A lead in first half were a fact. But in the second Nuffle turned on Hurricanes making the big treeboys in Trumpers handle everything in their way.
Hurricanes tried and where hoping for a second Td but right at the kick of newbie Mr Yatzy fell on the ball left it laying so the Trumpers could take it and score.
In the last turn it was the same thing,-Just pick it up Yatzy, and throw it........ But no, he had butterfingers again.
But it was a well played match, and the fans are happy. In this season we won more matches then we lost.

Next season we´ll come back tougher and we´ll fight harder.

Thank you for this season!
This is Helga Hellblock reporting for BeardGromersnet
- chgadd
Dec. 9th, 2018
There is a new star in town. Pherdinand Bonestomp!!!!!! Three touchdowns in the same game!
Lets hope it dosen´t get to his head. We need a fresh "teamplayer" who plays it safe in the upcoming Dungeonballfinal! Who am i kidding, Run Pherdinand RUN!!!!!!
Now were hoping for a good fun final game of the season when we´ll try to take on those dodging Trumpers.
It feels good to know that we have a whole team to put on the field.
Let those shiny beards spread som fears!

This is Helga Hellblock reporting for Beardgromersnet!
- chgadd
Nov. 25th, 2018 - old news
Woho there will be beard in the final!
You could say that Pherdinand Bonestomp and Uberdunk Ferrispunt were the hereos of this match but its simply a lie.
Becourse it was minotaur HARRY HUNCHBACK who started of the game with a Blitz that sent one of the mummies to the ko-box and then in a heartbeat teamcaptain Widwar followed it up with doing the same thing.
With the two mummies out the Iron Maidens hade strength problems in the line and couldnt realy defend against the bearded boys.
And Pherdinand and Widwar must have hit hard becourse none of the mummies wanted to go back in play after that drive. In the second half the maidens where able to wake up one of the mummies but it was a bit to late. At the end the maidens where close but Hurricanes could turn it around and nerly scored a third TD.

Thank you Hurricanes!
This season is not a complete misery after all!

Ops i forgot mr Motha Trukka, the sneaky hobgob wich had a god game injuring some"folks".

This is Helga Hellblock reporting for Beardgromersnet!
- chgadd
Nov. 20th, 2018 - old news
- Keep it together, coach Beardflair said. We don´t wan´t any casualities ahead of the next match.

-No coments! Just one word. TWILIGHT SPARKLE!

This is Helga Hellblock crying openly for Beardgromersnet!
- chgadd
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